As the leader of the handcrafted Swarovski Crystal Case Professional, we are happy to announce that we have gotten the first Swarovski iPhone 6 Case in the world. All Swarovski crystals used are made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. This case is handcrafted by more than 1,500 Swarovski Crystals. In this crystal iPhone 6 case, we use different size of Crystal 001, Crystal 001 AB and some special butterfly shaped Swarovski crystal to make it. As it is handcrafted, each case is unique and special. All of them will be presented in premium gift set with a Swarovski certification. Your iPhone 6 must stand out from the crowd by using this bling iPhone 6 case.

*The iPhone 6 is a little bit larger than the iPhone 5 with control button on both size. It is around 69.5mm X 138.9mm.